Bangor-Monitor Metro Water District will be flushing fire hydrants (weather permitting), Flushing will take place Monday through Friday from 6:00 am until 3:30 pm.

During the flushing, residents may experience discolored water. Please be assured the water is safe to drink. To clear the discoloration, run the cold water tap for a few minutes. The discoloration is just iron from the fire hydrants that can be kicked back into the system if demand on the main is high enough.

Flushing will begin on Wilder Road and proceed south each day until reaching the southern limits of the District.

The district expects to be done by the end October but meter reading in September takes precedence.

Our meter readers will be out starting 8/30/2023 so don’t be surprised to see some friendly faces on your property depending on the location of your remote register.

For questions regarding the hydrant flushing process or meter reading please contact the water Superintendent Nick Dennison at 989-529-4970.